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How do these work?
Free Spirit™ Underwear undies are made with 3 ultra-thin layers in the panel (crotch). The technology helps keep you dry and fresh all day. This superb light bladder leak protection will hold up to 8 teaspoons per day.

How do I determine my proper size?
Sizing is so simple. Purchase the size you traditionally wear in underwear Free Spirit™ undies are luxurious, soft and stretch with you so finding the perfect fit is fool-proof, Free Spirit™ moves with you and flatters any body type. Refer to our size chart here

Will I feel wet?
No. Free Spirit™ technology wicks moisture away from skin and the panel can absorb up to 8 teaspoons of liquid.

Do they have odor protection?
Yes! Free Spirit™ technology safety controls odors. 

How absorbent are they?
Our undies are perfect if you experience drops, dribbles and the occasional spurt or splash.  They are designed to hold up to 8 teaspoons of liquid

Can I wear them more than once?
Absolutely! Free Spirit™ Undies are just like your regular underwear.

Do they block wetness?
Yes! Free Spirit™ Undies are designed with moisture control technology that wicks moisture from your skin, but traps it so it does not travel back to your skin or to your clothing.

Do they absorb sweat?
Yes, Free Spirit™ undies are also great for absorbing excess sweat and moisture. You can feel confident wearing them for a run or at the gym.

Does the lining cover the entire inside of the undies or just the crotch area?
The panel area (crotch) of our undies is the only part that features our absorbent layer technology. But, the soft, breathable, material also has moisture control properties for that added confidence.

What are they made of?
Free Spirit™ Undies are made of a super soft, stretchable, silky Nylon blend that flatters any shape.

Do they have latex?
Our products are not made with latex.

Are they safe to be worn all day?
Absolutely. The non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly materials are EPA-approved and FDA-listed. Free Spirit™ undies will wick moisture away from skin better than cotton underwear.

How do they compare with the average panty liner?
They are equally as effective as light pads, but without the discomfort or waste to the environment. And, you can save money too!

How do I wash them?
After wearing Free Spirit™ undies for the day, give them rinse before tossing in your hamper. When you’re ready to launder, machine wash cold and hang to dry to ensure longest life. Don’t use bleach or fabric softener and avoid ironing.

Are they usable?
With proper care, your Free Spirit™ Undies will last wash after wash. The anti-microbial and anti-odor performance is guaranteed to last for 50 machine washings.

Are other colors and styles available?
Free Spirit™ Undies were designed for a comfortable flattering fit for any body type. They are currently only available in a modern high hipster style in black and beige.

Can these be used during my menstrual cycle for leak backup?
Free Spirit™ undies are not designed as period protection undies.

Is there a guarantee?
We have a 60-day money back guarantee from your order date! We recommend you wash and then wear your undies. Wear them a few times to test them out. We are sure you’ll become a Free Spirit™ fan. But we will accept your return – no questions asked.


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